Exterior Paving

Aragon Beige
Aragon Beige Bush Hammered

This hard limestone is suitable for exterior use.

Its rough bush hammered finish makes it non slip which is especially useful for stair treads and in areas of common use in the wet.

Available in 3 sizes from stock 30mm thick. Other sizes to order

Product Details

600 x 400 x 30mm £58.80 £49.00
600 x 600 x 30mm £67.20 £56.00
900 x 600 x 30mm £72.00 £60.00

You may also be interested in pool edges and steps made to order.

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Arabon Beige

You may also be interested in the Aragon Beige honed.

This is the same stone with a honed finish for interior use.

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