Aged and Time Worn Stone Flooring

Burgundy Pillowed
Burgundy Pillowed limestone

Burgundy Pillowed edge detail

Burgundy Pillowed and Aged edge

The Burgundy is a beautiful French flagstone suitable for inside and outside.

Unique sandy brown French Burgundy stone with swirls of red and beige, in antiqued finish as only the French can do.

The edges can either come sawn straight, or aged uneven, hand worked.

Made to order.

This finish can be supplied in different Burgundy Stones, such as Beaumanierre, Lanvignes and French Refined. Also available in honed or sanded finish.

Free lengths and Random pattern x 20mm (several large sizes)

Product Details

Free lengths x 400x 20mm sawn edge £142.80 £119.00
Random pattern x 20mm sawn edge £150.00 £125.00
Free lengths x 400x 20mm aged edge £154.80 £129.00
Random pattern x 20mm aged edge £162.00 £135.00
Free lengths x mixed widths 400, 500
and 600 x 20mm aged edge
£166.80 £139.00

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Burgundy Flagstone

You may also be interested in the Burgundy mixed.

This is similar in style but more rustic.

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