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Brazilian Multicolour Slate
Heather Slate, Plum Slate

Brazilian Multicolour Slate.

The multicolour is named such as it is full of iron deposits in between the clefts. This appears as rust browns, gold and red. The Brazilian slates are known for their gentle surface. The clefts are quite fine and so do not affect chair legs and so forth.

Available in various sizes. See below.

Product Details

300 x 300 x 8-12mm £23.94 £19.95
600 x 300 x 8-12mm £26.34 £21.95
400 x 400 x 8-12mm £27.54 £22.95
600 x 400 x 8-12mm £29.40 £24.50
600 x 600 x 8-12mm £34.80 £29.00

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Heather slate

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